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If you’re so inclined, check out ’s list of famous pro-gamers and their annual earnings. By playing and being the best at titles such as Starcraft or DOTA 2 , top competitors can earn half a million dollars or more. Let that sink in the next time your child begs you for the latest console from Sony (NYSE: ) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: ).

It’s this context that allows gaming outsiders to make sense of ATVI stock and its recent resurgence. On Tuesday, Walt Disney’s (NYSE: ) ESPN signed a broadcasting deal with Activision. Specifically, ESPN will provide live coverage of Activision Entertainment’s Overwatch League, which is a wildly popular esports tournament.

According to CNBC , this is the biggest-ever deal for Activision Entertainment. But that’s not the most significant factor driving ATVI stock. ESPN is committed to delivering gaming content to their audience, and therefore, key Overwatch episodes will air in prime time. Moreover, Overwatch’s season finale will air on Disney’s flagship channel ABC.

I can’t stress this enough: video gaming has gone mainstream, and every available indicator suggests the trend will only accelerate. If you haven’t thought about buying ATVI stock, you may want to do so now.

I could ramble on for days about the ESPN deal’s significance for Activision Entertainment. For starters, the deal symbolizes a coup d’état against fierce rival Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ). Electronic Arts is famous within gaming circles for its EA Sports line.

Featuring incredibly popular titles such as Madden , NBA Live , and FIFA , gamers regard EA as the leader in virtual-sports entertainment. While individual complaints may arise about gameplay nuances, one crucial element keeps gamers — even the complainers — coming back for more: a near monopoly on sports licensing .

Due to the deals that they’ve cut with professional sports leagues around the world, no one else but EA can offer a legitimate gaming experience. This doesn’t prevent rivals from developing their own football or soccer games. However, they’ll have to use generic players, teams, and tournaments.

That takes away from the fantasy element, and so EA is the sports-gaming world’s alpha dog. It’s the natural choice for a television deal, yet Activision snuck in the victory.


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The other factor boosting ATVI stock is that sports-themed video games are actually threatening their real-life counterparts. Worldwide esports league revenues are growing at an average 50% rate since 2012. By the end of this year, industry experts predict that total esports tournament revenues will hit $906 million.

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Applies to: Creative Cloud
June 18, 2018
Learn how to collaborate on folders and libraries with other users, from your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

You can collaborate with other users and share a private folder from your Creative Cloud account with specified users. All invited users can then work co-operatively with read-only (locked) assets in a shared private folder. Collaborators can view, edit, rename, move, or delete contents of the shared folder if they've been granted the necessary access rights and permissions.

To share public links to files and folders with others (share assets with read-only access), see Share files and folders .

For more information about libraries in Creative Cloud, see Creative Cloud Libraries .

Collaborate on Creative Cloud Libraries

You can share libraries with collaborators using the Creative Cloud website or from within Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps.

For a list of Creative Cloud apps currently supporting libraries, see Creative Cloud Libraries .


Share libraries from within a desktop application

Do the following to share a library from within a desktop application supporting Creative Cloud Libraries:

In the Libraries panel, select a library from the pop-up menu.

Open the drop-down list and choose Collaborate .

In the browser page that opens, provide email addresses and an optional message for one or more collaborators with whom you want to share the library.

Choose whether you want to give the collaborators Edit permissions ( Can edit ) or View permissions ( Can view ). These permissions apply to all the collaborators whose email addresses you entered.

Click Invite to send out the collaboration invites.

Collaborate on libraries from within a Creative Cloud application.

Your collaborators receive an email message inviting them to join the collaboration. Existing Creative Cloud members also receive a notification via the Creative Cloud desktop app and website.

Share libraries using the Creative Cloud website

In the Creative Cloud Assets left , click Libraries and then click Go To Libraries .

From the library folder menu, choose Collaborate .

Choose Collaborate from the library folder menu.

In the Invite Collaborators dialog, enter the email addresses of one or more collaborators.

Choose whether you want to give the collaborators Edit permissions ( Can edit ) or View permissions ( Can view ). These permissions apply to all the collaborators whose email addresses you entered.

Can edit

Collaborators can edit, rename, move, and delete the contents of the library.

Can view

Collaborators can only view the contents of the library and comment on them.

Share your library and invite collaborators


Useful considerations regarding permissions:

Can edit : posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags

The current version of the installation gives you the option to import uploaded files, but the blog you are importing from must be live and serving images properly in order for it to work. So, if you intend to delete content (or the whole blog) here at, please waituntil after media files have successfully been imported into the new blog, and make sure your site is not set to private (there is more information about this below)!

If you would like to move your blog to a self-hosted installation, Cashmere Silk Scarf Queen Code by VIDA VIDA McFItlBvG

If your site is marked “Private,” your media files will not export properly. Part of the export process creates links to your media files which a site will use to import your media.

Before you begin your export process, you will need to make your site public under My Sites→ Settings → General in order for the media files to work properly in your new imported blog. As soon as you have completed the import into your new site and have confirmed your media has been successfully imported, you can return your site’s visibility setting to “Private” again.

My Sites→ Settings → General

To learn how to export your Links (Blogroll), please see Import Export Links .

If your blog is hosted here at, we handle all necessary backups. If a very large meteor were to hit all the servers and destroy them beyond repair, all of your data would still be safe and we could have your blog online within a couple of days (after the meteor situation died down, of course).

But if you want to back up your blog content manually, you are free to do so by using the My Site→Settings, Export taboption described above. This is certainly still a good idea, especially if you’ve assigned additional users to your blog. Editors and administrators have the ability to delete any posts or pages, and there is no way to recover material that they remove from your blog.

My Site→Settings,

Note: This will ONLY export your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags . If you’d like to backup the media files as well, you will need to install locally on your computer , and run the import from it. This process will download the media files to your computer.

Are you leaving You can easily redirect (as well as all of your permalinks) to your new domain name with the Site Redirect upgrade .

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