How prepared are you for your rehab 
at home after your knee surgery? 
(5-day Challenge)

Here are some questions for you....


Can you walk with crutches?
Can you replace a ferrule?
Do you know the signs of thrombosis?

Most patients are sent home with only the sketchiest of instructions after their knee surgery. And yet this is a critical time in your recovery!

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DAY #1

Practical Issues to take care of before going for your surgery

DAY #2

Things to buy
or hire
before the big day

DAY #3

Are you well prepared to manage
Walking Aids?

DAY #4

Do you know why it matters to get fit before knee surgery?

DAY #5

What are the main early concerns on arriving home?

What you'll discover in this 5-day Challenge

  • It's best to be fully prepared so that there are no nasty surprises
    The surgeon is likely to tell you a lot about the operation but nothing about the little things you need to manage before you have your first follow-up visit.
  • It's not so easy to nip out to the shops when you are on crutches
    Shopping will be a whole new challenge once you are out of hospital. It is far better to anticipate your needs before that time comes.
  • It's easier to arrange things BEFORE you are incapacited
    Once you have had your surgery, it is going to be a whole lot more difficult customising your home to make those first few weeks easier.
  • The professionals won't be around when you get home from the hospital 
    The surgeon is not likely to give you his mobile phone number once you leave hospital - but these pages will help you through the early days.

What Others Are Saying:

David Leopold
Fitness Instructor/Entrepreneur

"Some new 'challenges'; Don't have the table or recliner AND I am only wireless in the front end of my apartment where I 'live' now."

Johan Claeys

"It's the first time... that I experience that it takes so much from my body...."

There are many surprises when you are new to rehab after knee surgery. Being prepared is half the battle.