Course: The Anatomy of Knee Flexibility


This course is for both beginner and intermediate students. The material is well illustrated and explained, with plenty of video input. It covers the bony and soft tissue anatomy relevant to rehabilitation, and really puts the soft tissues into perspective in relation to the potential for knee stiffness.

After this course the student will understand why the focus of early rehabilitation is retaining mobility of the soft tissues around patellar area, ensuring that full extension is regained early and that focus is maintained upon range-of-motion in the early days rather than on re-building strength or endurance.


Topics include:

  • Introducing the course
  • Study tips for you, to gain the most from the course
  • Terminology of flexion & extension
  • Normal knee range-of-motion in men and women
  • The joint capsule – why it is key to understanding so much about the knee
  • Important structures inside the capsule – & their contribution to knee movement
  • The patella – why it is special & why it matters so much in knee rehabilitation
  • Important soft tissue structures – subtle anatomy but valuable information
  • What powers flexion, and what allows flexion? Related but different concepts.
  • Problems with flexion
  • Problems with extension
  • Summing up the Anatomy of Flexibility

We welcome any helpful critique of this information.

Additional information


No pre-knowledge needed.


Level could be suitable for clinical trainees.


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