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TSX:III $ 1.82

Electronic Arts

The other factor boosting ATVI stock is that sports-themed video games are actually threatening their real-life counterparts. Worldwide esports league revenues are growing at an average 50% rate since 2012. By the end of this year, industry experts predict that total esports tournament revenues will hit $906 million. Over the next three years, esports sales are expected grow an average of 22% annually, eventually hitting $1.65 billion in 2021. To put that into perspective, stock-car racing league NASCAR generates around Tiffany 1837 narrow ring in sterling silver with Montana sapphires Size 4 1/2 Tiffany amp; Co bL9kaGw1z
. But as I mentioned in my write-up for International Speedway (NASDAQ: ), NASCAR is a Tiffany Charms alphabet charm in sterling silver Letters AZ available Size V Tiffany amp; Co EWqV6K
. On the other hand, esports is on its way up. Therefore, it’s not inconceivable that in the not-too-distant future, NASCAR gaming tournaments will be more popular than real NASCAR.

International Speedway

With any radically different industry, traditional and conservative investors have fears about long-term viability. This is perfectly understandable, especially because ATVI stock has admittedly been choppy this year. But if the raw numbers didn’t convince you, perhaps a paradigm shift in society will. Last month, I wrote an InvestorPlace article about social-network company Huya (NYSE: ). Primarily, it live streams video game competitions . And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: people watching other people play video games, and enjoying every minute of it. Before you criticize this phenomenon as a “Chinese thing,” bear in mind that this concept is repeated everywhere. Some of the most popular YouTube channels feature pro-gamers doing their thing. Why this is the case requires another article or five. For our purposes, it’s suffice to know that it’s a legitimate phenomenon. I think it’s worth repeating that ESPN, which prides itself in broadcasting real sports, has gladly transitioned to esports. For the older demographic, I probably sound as if I’m speaking Klingon. However you feel, don’t dismiss ATVI stock, or the video-gaming sector, as a fluke. In my opinion, we’ve only scratched the surface. As of this writing, Josh Enomoto is long SNE.

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Nothing in the markets can be taken for granted. But if you’re looking for sectors close to a sure thing, your best bets are blockchain, e-commerce and video games. Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: )investors quickly found that out recently when ATVI stock shot up more than 3%.

Unlike what prior generations have witnessed, video games no longer represent solely a personal hobby. It can be that, of course, but today, video games have taken on a much more competitive outlook. Thanks to sector trends such as e-tournaments , you can’t call “professional gaming” an oxymoron anymore.

Help Center

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Publications on Medium bring individual voices together around a common theme and shared purpose. Communities and organizations (or individuals) can tell their stories from one central point of distribution, combining the diverse efforts of many unique voices for greater impact on Medium’s reader network.

Writers submit Sheer Wrap Kay Duncan Fleur Bl Wrap by VIDA VIDA 1BgEp4E
to editors, who have final say on what stories appear in a publication and their final form. Editors can write their own stories, and for collaboration can review, correct, leave notes, and approve stories by other writers according to the standards of the owners of the publication. Anyone can start a publication and invite others to collaborate as editors and writers .

Starting a New Publication .

What Happens When a Story Is Added to a Publication


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are branded with the name, logo, and URL of the publication, and are always equally accessible on the profile page of the author. The author is always credited and retains all rights to their content, unless other licensing options are chosen.


Stories in a publication are distributed in the feeds and digests of the followers of both the publication and of the writer, creating crossover audiences.

Stories can only live in one publication at a time. Writers are free to remove their stories from any publication at any time.

Publication URLs

New publications are automatically assigned a unique URL under the Medium domain, based on the title chosen for the publication, such as Teddy Playboy silk scarf Moschino 57FCcxaC

A preview URL will appear beneath your title

Publication Contact Information

While setting up your publication, you can include links to your Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as a contact email address.

Information added here will be visible on your publication’s home page, and will enable readers and potential writers to contact you directly. Your publication’s email address will also be the reply-address when you send Letters to your subscribers (discussed in more detail below).

Connect Twitter

To enable new publications to transfer their existing social media fan-bases to Medium, you can also connect your Twitter account to your Medium publication. When you do, any followers of that Twitter account who also have Medium accounts will automatically become followers of that publication.

On your publication’s “About” page, you’ll see a Womens Ck Allover Scarf Neckerchief Calvin Klein M2QzIiJv


Publication Images

There are several types of Womens Nancy Trainers Coolway AgbsYb0t2
, each with it’s own optimal image size and format.

(1) Publication avatar is used in previews of your content throughout the site.

(2) Publication story logo appears at the top of all your publication’s stories.

(3) Publication homepage logo appears only on the header of your publication’s homepage. It can appear on its own as a graphic or in conjunction with a text title.

Publication homepage logos can also be overlaid on a background image , when you choose a Large header style. If you use a background image (or color), be sure to upload a transparent.PNG image for your logo.

You can also set the focal point for cropping of your background image by clicking on the menu option marked “Background image”:

Medium is intended to function beautifully on everything from large retina screens down to phones and mobile devices. We require that background images be at least 1500px wide and 750px high. There is no ideal size for homepage logos, but you should aim to upload an image at least twice the size of what you’d like your final dimension to appear onscreen. Larger logos will always scale down, but small logos will not scale up.

Your best bet for homepage logos and background images will simply be to upload the largest version of the image you have available .

Publication Layout

In addition to applying a header image, there are a number of layout options for controlling the look of your publication.


Medium supports three header sizes for publication home pages.


Set a hex color code to use in your Medium publication by clicking on the circle next to “Color” and entering in a Modal Scarf dreamgirls choice by VIDA VIDA K06Vlxu
(do not add the # sign).

Choose which color setting to use, “Subtle” or “Bold”.

Subtle : Choosing “Subtle” will apply the color hex code selected to the following items in your publication: highlights, the follow button, the clapbutton and author name.

Bold : Choosing “Bold” will apply the color hex code selected to highlights, the follow button, the clapbutton, author name, and will apply a band of background color to both the publication homepage and to the top of stories in that publication.


You can also use tags to create Tiffany Charms alphabet charm in sterling silver Letters AZ available Size A Tiffany amp; Co 9g7f4FIO
items on your homepage, as in the image examples above. Clicking on a navigation item will generate a page containing all the stories in that publication using that tag


Organization of stories on your publication homepage is controlled through sections. Sections are a block of stories from your publication, pulled from the same source data and organized into the same layout style.

To create a new section, click on the “+” (plus) sign in the publication layout toolbar:

For each section of your publication layout, choose how many stories you’d like to have presented in that section. You can also set the source for stories to be presented in that section: latest, trending, featured or tagged.

If you choose “Featured,” you’ll be able to select which story to feature from a drop-down menu marked “Select story.” Selecting “Tagged” will enable you to enter a tag source to assign to that section. You can also give sections custom titles.

For additional details on fine-tuning your publication layout and section appearance, please see our full Help Center documentation on Publication Layout .

Adding Stories

There are a few different ways to add stories to a publication.

For a more complete walk-through , please see our Help Center documentation: Hat for Women On Sale Cobalt Cotton 2017 S Golden Goose Cobalt HlNroNE

add a draft at any time to your publication