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Feeling your way out of knee pain

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I offer to people a venue both for talking about their knee pain and for following informational videos that may help them to reduce their experience of pain without surgery, drugs or shots.

I am not a medical doctor or physiotherapist, but could be considered a 'pain coach'. I have developed a useful online program for knee pain sufferers based around a membership site. Here members have access to relevant material from several hundred videos that I’ve created over the past 8 years from working online with 1000’s of knee pain sufferers including professional and olympic level athletes.

The people I work with tend to fall into two main categories:

  • The person injured their knee and went to the doctor. Investigation - perhaps including X-ray, CT scan or MRI - revealed no cause for the pain and the doctor diagnosed the knee as being 'normal', meaning that nothing was found to be broken or torn - but yet the person still experiences pain.
  • An injury did result in something being broken or torn and the person had surgery to fix the injury. After discharge from rehabilitation the person was reassured that the knee was now “mechanically sound” - but yet they are still experiencing pain. 

The conventional medical approach in these circumstances tends to focus upon RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, elevation), physical therapy, prescription drugs, or pain killing shots. My philosophy, in contrast, hinges upon identifying pain-patterns - those particular movement groups that bring on or accentuate a person's knee pain - and then suggesting to them specific remedial 'Pain-Pattern-Interrupt' activities. I believe the knee pain the person is feeling is due to irritation which comes from only one source - the tiny little nerves in the knee - the width of an eyelash - being irritated and sending a signal to the brain experienced as knee pain

Pain Patterns

New members make contact via phone or Skype calls. I ask questions to find out exactly what sort of pain the person is experiencing - questions like…When do your knees hurt? Bending or straight? Upstairs/downstairs? Twisting to the right or left? Does the pain wake you up at night or is it only during the day? During or after exercise/movement?

Their responses offer me a picture as to the tension patterns going on in the person's knees, hips, lower back, ankles and feet - all of which can play a part in the pain they are experiencing. The new group member is then directed to specific 'pain-pattern interrupt' videos in the members area to do for 'homework'. The focus is on getting their body as comfortable as possible, reducing inflammation and keeping their mindset in a place to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself.


I believe that three areas are essential for knee pain elimination: Physical, Diet and Mindset.

  • Physical - When the body experiences pain/trauma/injury it tenses up to protect itself. That restricts the knee joint which restricts the nerves - causing more pain. The body gets stuck in a pain/tension loop, and it doesn’t know how it got there. The person needs to create a pain-pattern-interrupt and take the pressure off the nerves, thereby creating more space so the joint can relax and the body can move from with less tension. “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” move the body into a state that is ideal for recovery.
  • Diet - The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink have an effect upon our body's ability to heal. Stress uses up the total amount of the available healing resources the body and slows down the healing process. Clear the cache. Set up conditions on the physical level so the body feels comfortable, then reduce the inflammation and you are removing the blocks that are preventing the body from healing.
  • Mindset - The reality is that getting out of knee pain is not linear. There are going to be good days and bad days. On bad days it is important go back to the basics which are creating 'Pain-Pattern-Interrupts', reducing inflammation both locally in the knee and globally in the body to shorten the duration of the bad day. On the good days it's important to keep in mind when working on pain-pattern-interrupts that although the knee may get out of pain quickly that doesn’t mean the knee is ready to be 'tested'.

Working with a client involves identifying their comfort zone and working within it. Based on which level of the program is the best fit, we meet periodically throughout the month on coaching calls. People living in the United States or Canada have the option of speaking with me on the phone, and for everyone else the calls take place on Skype. Some clients choose to work with me individually on private 3 day or1 day retreats where we work together to get a felt sense of exactly what 'comfort' is while doing pain-pattern-interrupts”. These high end programs are the fast start approach for someone that wants to have that level of support in their healing.

No matter which program, all clients get lifetime access to the members area and are entitled to one call per week with me until they are completely out of knee pain. I have over 3,000 members to my website who have worked with me either in person, online or via one of my online products. I have been adding 500 new members per year.

bill parravano

Bill Parravano

Bill Parravano suffered a severe knee injury, and after his own surgery and rehabilitation he became interested in the physical and emotional response to knee pain.

Here are two examples of how mindset plays out keeping pain stuck in the body:

Bad days - A client (Mary) shared with me what happened to her when knee pain struck. It was a beautiful day and she wanted to get outside and do something fun. Her knees were bothering her though. “I got depressed” she told me, “because I felt both helpless and hopeless to do anything that was going to make my knees feel better, which made me feel more depressed. When I feel that way I eat chocolate.”

Chocolate of course contains sugar which causes and increases inflammation in the body. Now her body was in pain longer because of the sugar her body must process contributing to her knee pain.

Good days - My client, Gary, had been successfully doing 'Pain-Pattern-Interrupts' for almost a week. Each day his knees felt better and better. The weekend came around and his knees felt so good that he decided to go and play 6 softball games. This threw his knee right back into the 'Pain-Tension Loop'. Now Monday morning rolled around and he found himself stuck back in horrible knee pain once again!

Being that he was diagnosed with arthritis (bone on bone) and his knees had been in pain for years, it’s unrealistic to think that after only a few days of doing pain-pattern-interrupts his knees would be healed enough to go and push them to the extent he did on that softball weekend.

It’s important to recognize that a holistic approach to addressing knee pain is the only route to eliminating it and live the quality of life so many people desireThe key here is to understand that your body wants to heal your knees - that’s what it is designed to do! It’s a phenomenal healing machine. If your body is not healing your knees then look at what 'blocks' are in the way preventing your body from doing so. Once those blocks are removed and the proper conditions are put in place. your body can heal itself very quickly and very easily.​