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First time patellar dislocation in children – risk factors


First time patellar dislocation is worrying for both parent and child. The anxiety revolves around whether this is going to recur and whether there are underlying structural problems that caused the first dislocation.Overview of a paper on ‘Morphology and Anatomic Patellar Instability Risk Factors in First-Time Traumatic Lateral Patellar Dislocations: A Prospective Magnetic Resonance Imaging […]

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Abnormalities of the groove under the kneecap

The kneecap, or patella, exists embedded within the tendon of the quads muscle that makes up the bulk of one’s lap, and its excursion is contained within the groove of the underlying femur. The kneecap’s bony relationships Side view of the knee bones – femur above, tibia below, and patella (kneecap)  The shiny cartilage undersurface of […]

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Patellar Instability – a Continuum

Patellar Instability can dramatically reveal itself with a sudden episode of dislocation of the patella (kneecap).Although most people are familiar with the distress experienced by someone who has had a dislocated patella, fewer realise that instability can range from nagging pain in the front of the knee, without any obvious instability, through episodic ‘giving way’ […]

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Lateral release – still being done for the wrong reasons?

The retinaculum is the fibrous web-like network on the medial (inner) and lateral (outer) aspects of the kneecap. The lateral retinaculum is a powerful lateral stabiliser of the knee.In the 1970’s two surgeons, Merchant and Mercer, published a paper called “Lateral Release of the Patella: A Preliminary Report”. This popularised surgery to cut or ‘release’ […]

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