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What is meniscus preservation and why does it matter?

The menisci are now recognized to be integral parts of the knee and not the vestigial and dispensable remains of evolution as once thought.Because the meniscus was thus thought to be trivial structures, tears in the meniscus often meant that the surgeon simply cut away the torn part or removed the meniscus altogether. But we […]

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What is a discoid meniscus?

A discoid meniscus is a normal but uncommon variant in the shape of the meniscus, where the normally ‘half-moon’ shape is not there and instead the meniscus is either a complete round disc or very nearly so. Usually it is the lateral meniscus that may be discoid, but rarely both menisci may be affected. Sometimes […]

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Popliteus Tears – and the lateral meniscus

Each knee has two menisci (shock absorbers) and they are very different. The medial meniscus – the one on the inner aspect of your knee – has an intimate relationship to the capsular wall and the semitendinosis tendon. The lateral meniscus – the one on the outer aspect of your knee – has an intimate […]

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Mobility of the knee meniscus

Many online images, and most 3D models that patients are shown in the consulting room, make it appear that the menisci simply ‘float’ in the space between the femur and the tibia, attached only at the horns.This is not the case at all. There are several ‘ligaments’ that connect the menisci to these two bones […]

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