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Our Clinical and Editorial Team is primarily a medical one, with considerable accumulated expertise in knee issues:

Sheila Strover

Dr Sheila Strover

Sheila is a medical entrepreneur and founder of the KNEEguru suite of websites and products, and her main role is as Editor and Contributor.​

Dr Lars Blond

Lars is a knee and shoulder surgeon, working from Copenhagen, in Denmark. His primary knee speciality is the patellofemoral joint, and in particular patellar instability.

Sheila Strover

Prof Adrian Wilson

Adrian is a knee surgeon in Basingstoke, UK, and is also a professor at Winchester University.

Sebastiano Nutarelli

Sebastiano is a physiotherapist-in-training at the University in Lugano, Switzerland.

Sheila Strover

Michelle Boucher

Michelle is a physician assistant from the USA, and also a professional medical writer.

Dan Smith

Dan leads a medical video-production team.

The focus with most of our contributions on our sites is ordinary people with knee problems who are trying to find their way to a definitive diagnosis and competent help.


  • Sheila Strover
  • Leah Davies
  • Adrian Wilson
  • D Medical