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…exploring knee issues together…

knee patient being helped from bed
iKNEEguru is an eclectic mix of content from several writers, drawing attention to things that we find interesting, problematic, challenging or controversial. It also draws attention to events and offers. It is intended for readers who are interested - but not expert - in knee matters.

The knee to the uninitiated is 'just a joint' and most people imagine a simple hinge of the two long bones. However it is so much more - the joint cartilage and fluid that lubricate movement, the menisci that create shock absorption, the ligaments that provide stability, the muscles that create movement and the soft tissues that accommodate to every step you take. Every part of this complex mechanism can be subject to medical problems and we will try and highlight the important areas for you.

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Sheila Strover Founder

The KNEEguru suite of online information products about knees has been a 20-year labour of love. I felt so sincerely that patients are 'short-changed' in the amount of time that they have to spend with knee surgeons before committing to treatment, and our purpose is to try to fill this gap by explaining the issues and controversies.